One In A Million

Want to buy a thrilling, exciting novel? Full of seduction and danger?
Try E.C.Bradbury’s (pen name for Sven Hallin) One In A Million


Who wouldn’t want to win a lottery. Well, Jason didn’t want to win this one, but he was committed to the win under the strangest of circumstances. And it was mainly to do with seduction. There was only one woman he really wanted, and she was definitely unavailable. But the man who gave him the winning ticket wasn’t someone he wanted to argue with.

Jason soon realised he had bigger problems. Two brutal, sadistic assassins were looking for him. Once caught, he would be tortured and killed. He knew this, and now had to protect both himself and his friends. There was only one thing to do. Run. And keep running.

Time was of the essence, and it was fast running out.u


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