Instructions from a Weaver Bird

Award winning poetry from Jonathan Hill




Jonathan Hill’s poetry weaves broad strands of humour and lyricism with narrow threads of bitterness. Material is drawn from wide ranging geographies and cultures: the tropics, the English countryside and back streets.

Diverse places provide the habitat for various characters and creatures such as a Weaver Bird, a vanishing flock of Fieldfare and the dog next door. Humanity is represented by Tom Wadham the pub landlord whose wife Joan “cooks the books.”  And by Granny Varja from the Ukraine with her recipe for baked Pike. Carlton Campbell is a bus conductor who sings Elvis to a gang of Teddy boys and Carlton’s driver is “the uncompromising Mr Singh.”

Then there’s Jimmy the Chin sharing a cardboard-lined basement with his mother who looks “proper poorly.”  A group of computer geeks tells us to RTFM and to let them continue their pursuit of “hidden hacks.”

At the corner shop the ever-vigilant Mr Patel experiences an unexpected visit from two bulky strangers. At the football grounds the floodlights are switched on “like visitors from another galaxy.”

The author lived and worked in Thailand, Zambia and the USA as well as the UK He was educated in Wolverhampton, Hull and London in the nineteen sixties. He now lives in Quorn, Leicestershire.


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