About us

My name is Sven Hallin and I am the editor of Buffalomouse Books. I’m also the author of “How to Look after an Alien”. Well, okay, my pink pig Horace is largely responsible for that book. He dictated it to me, and I mainly wrote down what he said. Sometimes I made up bits myself when Horace was busy eating.

You might think it’s very unfair of me claiming the credit for having written the above novel (you might not, once you’ve read it), but Horace insisted! He is after all from the planet Victual and doesn’t want certain authorities to know this. So there I was, under duress, writing this novel, with the constant threat of having my nose slurped (you have to read the book to understand more about
that. Sorry!)

Anyway, Buffalomouse Books is going to publish other genres, although it may well publish some more books about pink pigs from other galaxies. You see the pink pig thing is omnipresent. I really have a pink pig. He lives with me, and refuses to leave. He costs me a fortune in food, although he does make some very good contributions now and then.

I hope you enjoy the website horacethepinkpig.com where you will find out a bit more about him and his book.

From time to time, Horace and me will no doubt have some things to say, which will be entirely sensible and display no signs of silliness (and will, like this sentence be grammatically perfect).

So do please read the book, and hopefully enjoy anything that sneaks unexpectedly onto Facebook or Twitter!